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Welcome to the Aardvark Ceilidh Band website, where traditional barn dancing enters the 21st century.

We hope you can find what you are looking for.  Please, feel free to download any of the content. 
…without a doubt, one of the most energetic and exciting bands on the English barn-dance circuit…
The Aardvark Ceilidh Band can offer:
  • Excellent folk-rock music for barn dances and ceilidhs;
  • Electric or acoustic line-up;
  • Wide repertoire, includes English, Irish, Scottish and French tunes;
  • Dances from Britain, Europe and the Americas;
  • Explained by our own caller - or we can work with your preferred caller;
  • PA system and stage lighting included;
  • Based in Coventry;
  • Willing to travel (e.g. recent gigs in Cornwall, Germany, New Zealand).

2011 was unusual year for the boys, as former lead guitarist PETE LAITY moved to Huddersfield with his day job, just a bit too far for a Coventry based band, sadly. We miss him, and wish him well in his current endeavours.
After trying various guitarists Ian (a member of the Harvesters folk group with his wife Sue) joined the group, and the sound became less rocky but more mellow than before.
The band continue to travel to festivals and dance clubs from Cheshire to Cardiff, and Sussex, as well as Pete’s now annual ‘research’ trip to New Zealand! .
Technical stuff:
Most of the pictures displayed on this site have been resampled at low rates, but should link to larger (better quality) downloadable files.  The music is provided as mp3 files, which are smaller than the original wave files, with a corresponding loss in sound quality.  Nevertheless, they may still take a significant time to download, if you are using a slow internet connection.  So we have also included 'small' files, which are shorter and more heavily compressed, if you are using a slow 'dial-up' modem.